Flagge England Welcome to WSD Electrical Engineering


Engineering services

  • Planning
  • Construction Management
  • Document Management
  • AS BUILT inspections of Electrical and I & C systems and P & I - schedules of power plant equipment and process technology

Document Management

  • Documentation of new building projects
  • Redocumentation of inventory systems
  • As-built controlling with creation fault lists
  • Presence at professional meetings
  • Controlling and acceptance of documents
  • PPS (KKS) marking and labeling according to standards

Assurance of Quality

  • Electronic exchange of documents according to project standards
  • Archiving of existing and new documents
  • Providing actual project contents to ensure common basics
  • Compliance and tracking of deadlines

Projectspecific costs calculation

A compilation of appropriate packages to individual conditions allow our customers a flexible range of services.

We look forward to supply you on your projects to deliver desired calculation basics.